The VBVoice license activation process requires that the Runtime Manager (RTM) is installed and running on a server at your site. Please follow these instructions. We suggest that you print this page for further reference.

  1. Using the Runtime Manager, verify if any license requires activation. Non-activated licenses are highlighted in red and their status indicator reads: "Not Activated". The accompanying documentation contains additional information about individual states.

  2. For non-activated licenses, please click the " I confirm..." checkmark, confirming that you have acquired the licenses through a legal purchase.
    VBVoice RTM

  3. If your site server is connected to the Internet, you can now activate your licenses by clicking "Auto Activate " and you?re done. The next several steps are only required if your server is not connected to the Internet.

  4. If the Runtime Manager server is not connected to the Internet, or if you prefer to register from a different machine, click the " Manual Activate" button. This opens the Manual Activation dialog box. The activation request Serial Number is already filled in. Click "Save" to save this request.
    Manual Activation

  5. In the file selection window, save the file to a Floppy disk by clicking "Save".
    Save Activation Request

  6. Bring this floppy back to the machine running the Internet browser and either type in the file name "A:\RTACTREQ.LIC" or browse to the file you have created in the previous step:

    and then click Read File.

  7. If the previous step fails, copy and paste the content of the file into the following text box.

  8. Finally, click submit button below